Bilge Dönmez Bordina


                                               I was born in 1976 in Germany. I went to Istanbul/Turkey in 1983. I have continued to my education in art

                                               and design section.


                                               I graduated as Industial Designer from Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul in the year 2001 and

                                               in the same year I decided to continue my education in the University der Künste in Berlin/

                                               Germany. I met pilates in Germany and started to get education in pilates.


                                               I returned back to Istanbul/Turkey in the year 2004. I established my own yoga&pilates

                                               Studio with my sister. I turned out to a very good Yoga student in the year 2005. I was also

                                               interested in Tibet yoga philosophy, so I joined "Tibet Yoga" doctrine and got the certificate of it.


                                               After very benefit results in my students' souls and bodies in a very short time, I was intivited to

                                               some tv channels and I started to tell the benefits yoga and pilates.


I joined to the education of Stott Pilates in the year 2009. I developt myself in physiotherapy by the pilates trainer Jeff Ong.


In the year 2009 I started to write some articles in a magazin website which is ""

In the year 2010 I completed 200 hours yoga education "Dádá ÁC. Hiranmayánanda Avt"  by International Ananda Marga Yoga.














In the year 2010 I finished pilates coaching course program and got the "Pilates Trainer" certificate which is also approved by the goverment.


In the year 2014 I moved from Istanbul to Bodrum which is a district in the south-west of Turkey. I was a fitness, yoga and pilates trainer in Mandarin Oriental Hotel there. I was the trainer who got most posivitive comments there and I had also international reputed students.


In the year 2017 I decided to move to Dubai with my husband and from now now I continue to my career here.