What is Yoga?


Stress is the source of the all diseases and it’s an enemy which is ready to meet at the traffic, at home or any environment where we are. There is a possibility to take control over of stress with yoga philosophy which they have been discovered 5000 years ago in India


A yoga session takes about 1,5 hours and there are three basic parts in the yoga session. The first part is breath (Pranayama), second part is poses (asanas), and the third is relaxation(meditation). The benefits of these treatments are already proofed by scientifically and America is being applied to whole world.


Benefits of Yoga;


-Everyone can do these poses easily and flexibility will be happen with in time.

-The treatments give you an opportunity to bring your awareness, so you can clean up your subconscious.

-its makes relax your body

-Yoga poses heal your pain on your back if you have and fix your bad posture.

-Yoga is the one of the most powerful anti-ageing and detox.

-It effects the blood circulation, and makes your metabolism faster

-You can fight with stress and can see your life more positive.